Residents are invited to a FREE community event taking place at St. Clare’s Primary School, Robert Road, Handsworth,B20 3RT on Saturday 26th June 2010 between 12.00 midday and 4.00 p.m. The theme of the fun day is about ‘being healthy’ and promotimg activities that encourage healthy living and lifestyles. Officers from the neighbourhood police team will be providing free bike training so if you are interested you need to book your place in advance by calling 675 1731. Remember to bring along your own bike and helmet. All age groups are welcome and to help keep children entertained there will be fun activities including free face painting, football target net, Hula Hoop and Sponge Javelin throwing.

A Bygone Era In Birchfield
I was really surpised to hear from Deb Silia all the way from Canada who had somehow found the ‘Be Heard in Birchfield’ blog! She said the website brought back many memories because she used to live in Birchfield Tower as a child and has many great memories of it. She told me that she was a baby of 11 months old when the Birmingham Post covered a story of Father Christmas coming down the 14 floors of Birchfield Tower by lift! Here’s the article:

Birchfield Environmental Report BCC have published a report on the state of the streets in Birchfield – a snapshot taken of 60 sites on the neighbourhood on 16th August 2010. The major points covered are:

Litter and Detritus
Littering on adjacent sites an issue including some mown litter on grassed areas and verges of A34 (variety of council and non council land) and alleyways in between terraced properties. Housing areas by A34 (including to be demolished tower blocks) are heavily littered and effected significantly by detritus. As with other areas a significant proportion of the litter found is caused by the waste collection system and is often found in the channel between parked cars and other hard to reach areas. This is particularly relevant on some of the shorter terraces and cul-de-sacs.

Waste Collection
A number of sacks placed out for collection appear to be supplemented by informally contained waste.

Weed Growth
Weed growth problematic across the area some occurrences where new weed growth is growing through weeds that have been previously sprayed. Most of the development sites across the area also have large amounts of weeds growing through their barriers (A34 and Wellington Road)

Other Notes
Due to the weather a number of trees had started to shed organic material if this isn’t removed it is likely to cause an early peak in detritus levels in the early autumn before the main leaf fall season starts. Removal of flyposting remains generally poor in parts caused by ripping down tied notices otherwise the attachment of flyposting using parcel tape or high impact adhesives that are difficult to remove. Emptying intervals of bins appeared to be a little stretched as a number of overfull bins were encountered.