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Birchfield Neighbourhood Forum’s First Public Meeting

Posted on 8th August 2012 by pervais

Be Heard in Birchfield is a website covering news and activities relevant to the residents and businesses. It was originally started by the Neighbourhood Manager in the area and is now the property of Birchfield Neighbourhood Forum – who update and adminster the site. If you are a local resident and interested in blogging and would like to help to contribute to this site, please get in touch via the Contact Us page. The Birchfield priority neighbourhood area covers all the streets in the green section on the map below. This is also the area covered by the Birchfield Neighbourhood Forum

We work very closely with our friends at Lozells Neighbourhood Forum and share news with them via their website at www.lozells.info Over time we will build up a resource of events in and for the neighbourhood, plus stories of what happens here and the work we are doing. You can comment on the posts you see, as long as you don’t mind me moderate the comments and understand they appear in public.

The buildings and the history of this neighbourhood are fascinating. Gradually we would like to collect a wide range of images, information and stories about the history of the neighbourhood.

Tweed and Calder towers on the Birchfield Road
You may have noticed that work has now started on site to prepare the demolition of first Calder Tower and then Tweed Tower. Also underway is the demolition of Bridgelands Way maisonettes which will be starting this week (January 18th) with Ashcroft following after. Both towers and both blocks of maisonettes will hopefully be demolished by the end of February. For people living near by, work will continue for the next 5-6 weekends.

The BCF has £750,000 to distribute to groups who have a turnover less than £30,000 a year and can demonstrate that their project can bring benefit to the local community. Eligible groups can apply for grants of between £750 an £5,000. The funding been made available via the Grassroots Grant fund, an initiative set up by the government to help build stronger and more active communities. The Birmingham Community Foundation manages and delivers the Grassroots Grants programme across Birmingham and the Black Country.

Examples of what can be funded include the purchase of equipment, the costs of putting on a local event or workshop, contribution to rent costs, the cost of attending a conference or event, training for volunteers, additional activities to expand an existing funded project and activities that meet an identified need in the local community.

I’m delighted with the new Birchfield Bugle funded by Be Birmingham’s Successful Neighbourhoods Fund. It’s going to be coming through your door over the next week or so. I haven’t written it, instead it’s been put together by the Birchfield Residents Actions Group and published by Aston Vision. There is really interesting stuff in there - including an update on the last of the three tower blocks. There will be at least three more editions, so if you have news for them please e-mail it brag07@gmail.com.

Midland Heart are offering its customers the opportunity to ‘Have Your Say’ by organising Customer Drop In Sessions at 173 Lozells Road and Walkabouts in the neighbourhood. The next walkabout will be on Thursday 3rd June at 9.30 a.m. The meeting place will be at Westminster Crescent on Westminster Road and will incorporate Havelock Road, Haughton Road and Livingstone Road. For further details about how to get involved please contact Val Brown or Zaheda Vaid on 0345 60 20 540.

Things to do in Birchfield and its surroundings

If you ever travel to Birmingham, you must stop and explore its lovely neighbourhood Birchfield. Having a rich history and taking its name from the numerous birch trees found here, Birchfield will charm you with its streets, parks and friendly locals. Explore this neighbourhood during your vacation and make sure you will not miss the gems hidden all over it.

Discover a tiny heaven on earth

This tranquil and peaceful green space will lower your stress levels from the first moments when you will enter this neighbourhood. Head to the local landmark and raise your prayers from Holy Trinity Church. Take a tour around this stunning architecture, notice its details and find a little local history here. Prepare to walk on the charming streets, shop from the local stores and have a snack at one of the most popular restaurants in Birchfield.

But make sure you will not get the Monday flu! In case the weekend was too challenging and you are a bit too tired, relax in the place you rented in Birchfield and go out only to enjoy the fresh air. A walk and some physical activity are the perfect remedy for your problem, then a hearty English breakfast will bring you back in shape.

Venture in Aston Park to reconnect with nature, practice yoga and meditation and just hear how the sounds of nature slowly relieve you from your stress and worries. Enjoy each moment spent in Birchfield and remember how things were when you actually took pleasure in every moment of your life. Remember your childhood, go to your happy place and be certain that your vacation in Birchfield will be truly enchanting!